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Speed limiters automobile company is a leading installer and approved vendor of the frsc speed limiters in Nigeria. We have years of experience in the industry and over the years we’ve been able to serve blue chips clients in and outside Nigeria. Our services are aligned to suit any budget. Wether you want to install a car tracking device in your car or you want have multiple vehicles and would want a fleet management solution; We have the right solution for you.

We work with only the best speed limiting device manufacturers and You can be rest assured that our prices are the most affordable you can find in the market. Speed limiters automobile company is driven with the passion to become the most sort after speed limiters installation company in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and the entire Nigeria.

Automobile speed governor is not a new technology as it has been in use in other countries of the world for over a decade now. The essence of a speed governor in vehicles can not be over emphasized. The death tolls that emanates from automobiles on Nigerian roads are alarming and the federal road safety commission(FRSC) who are the leading road safety Agency are resolute to put an end to this scary happenings.speed limiters company

The date for the implementation has been postponed twice since 2016 due to the excessive complains from the populace of this great Nation but this time around, there is no going back. All commercial vehicles has been mandated by the commission to install the device or face its penalty.

The enforcement of speed limit device in Nigeria has begun since Feb 1st 2017 so if you are yet to adhere to the new directive to install the frsc speed limit device, then you must be ready to face the incessant impounding of your vehicle by FRSC. As you know, this will not be good for your business.

We have trained a bunch of technicians nationwide to ensure that we are able to attend to every Nigerian that would want to have the frsc speed limiter installed in their automobiles. So if you are looking for best Frsc speed limiter vendors with the best prices, then look no further. We offer the most affordable speed limit device price in Nigeria. You can’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

We have 2 distinct types of speed limiter in our portfolio that fits perfectly to any budget. If you are wondering why other approved frsc vendors; are offering the service for a relatively exorbitant price, then you need to contact us for a breakdown of the speed limit device price.

Speed limit device for cars does not in any way affect your car’s performance. It works seamlessly with your vehicle and as the name implies, it does exactly what the name connotes. just in case you want to know about the function of speed limiting device, below is a few outline of its capabilities:


functions of the speed limiter device

Reduces accident occurrences.
statistics reveals that 95% of fatal accidents on Nigeria highways are caused by over speed. The speed limiters will reduce this figures as it will make highway drivers to adhere to the approved highway speed limit.

Saves Fuel
according to an internal analysis made by the state road transport corporation, it was revealed that an average of 15% savings in fuel was achieved when a speedlimiter was fitted with a static speed of 60km/h speed.

Saves Vehicle
Having a speedgovernor installed in your car means less vibration,number of braking, less engine stain and less wear and tear.

Saves Product on Transit
Due to the less accidents you experience when you have the speed delimiter installed, you in turn safe alot on the cost of running your car.

Saves Environment
Due to the precise control of fuel, your engine works optimally. This in turn reduce the excessive emission of gases and thus reduces environmental pollution.

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Speed limiter automobile company is position to handle installations of speed limiters across Nigerian states. We will be more than happy to guild you on the best options available for your car or fleet. Feel free to call us today. 08039422997 of send us an email on hello@speedlimiters.info.